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Tips and Tricks of Good Design - January 2019

What is the impact and significance of Good Design? Do you have a room in your house you really do not use - perhaps a room you walk by or through on your way to other rooms in the house, or a room where you put stuff you're not using?  It's probably because the room is not designed well, and it does not feel welcoming. It just doesn’t function well, and that is where good interior design comes in. 

It is not at all uncommon to have a room in your home that fits this description.  In the example shown in the first photo, the homeowner passed the dining room to get to the family room, but never really used the room itself other than to store an extra chair, and clutter.

The second photo is the same room (from a slightly different angle), with the furniture rotated 90 degrees, a fresh coat of paint, and a slight change of the artwork.  The problem turned out to be a room that felt cramped and uncomfortable.  These small changes maximized the shape of the room.  It opened up the space, giving it the feel of a much larger room and helped create a flow that made the room welcoming and functional.  The end result was a comfortable space much more conducive to conversation and activities.

Interior design is so much more than just buying expensive  or pretty things for your home.  It is about making the room an oasis for you to come home to, a comfortable and functional space where you can recharge your batteries. We plug in our phones, iPads, computers,etc.,to recharge.  A well designed, welcoming, comfortable, and functional home make it much easier for us to recharge ourselves.

Written by Donna Richter, Designs by Donna