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Hanging Window Treatments and Why Custom Makes a Difference - December 2019

Window treatments are the jewelry of your windows.  They can provide shade, sun protection for your furniture and floors, hide window frames, add aesthetics to the room, or serve many other purposes.  After you decide what kind of window treatment you would like, how do you hand them?  Does it really matter you may ask?  Yes, it does and let me explain why.

Most people hang window treatments with support brackets near the top or side of the window. This traditional installation allows drilling into the wood around the window creating a stronger mount, however, you limit your area of view. Properly placed anchors can provide strength and flexibility in the installation placement.  When you hang the drapery correctly, you will have more window showing, providing a better view and make your window look larger.

We all know there is a dramatic difference in the cost of custom window treatments vs. off the shelf, let me explain why. Off the shelf drapery is mass-produced, often with lower grade material  which are necessary to keep the cost down. Most of them are not lined and will not hang as nicely on your window as lined. You might not be able to find the size you need, making you hang them to low or too high. I have in the past seen off-the-shelf drapery with two panels different lengths by at least an inch. Custom treatments are made exactly as you need them by size and function. The color/pattern will compliment your room so much better then off-the-shelf. 

A client that had custom drapery made for some windows. They had a fire in their home and were replacing everything. At this time, they did not want to spend the money of getting custom drapery for the sliding glass door, so they bought off-the-shelf drapery. They could only get panels that were standard widths, causing them to purchase multiple panels. When these were closed to blocking the sun and for privacy, they were not sewn together and had to be pulled individually, causing gaps in the treatment. Along with that, once the custom window treatments were installed, the off-the-shelf treatments did not look good and the client could not believe the difference.  We were able to come up with a lower cost option than originally discussed and they had that drapery made.  Now the room looks amazing and functions as needed.

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Writen by Donna Richter, Designs by Donna