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Finding a Solution for Odd Architecture Take a Keen Eye - June 2019

Occasionally houses have an odd window placement that makes you ask the question why? In this situation, we had a large room with extremely high ceilings and in need of window coverings. With how the window placement is in relation to the door, and how close they were in relationship to each other, window coverings were going to be a challenge. Finding a window covering that could make the unbalanced look of the window look balanced with the door when completed was not an easy task.

The elements that had to be considered were:

  1. Do the two have to match
  2. Do they both need window treatments
  3. How can you change the look the window and door create in the room and make it feel unbalanced

After much discussion about all the ideas the homeowner had, and the ideas from a design perspective, the window treatments were designed and made, and once installed, made the problem go away. 

Taking the problems a home might give you and making them feel like they were never there is one of the things good design can achieve. Not every home is designed with furniture placement or window coverings in mind. Most homes are designed by the architect that is creating a balanced look from the outside not worrying about design challenges on the inside. 

Do you have challenges in your home?

  1. High ceilings with high placed windows that need to be covered for any reason, but how?
  2. Windowthat are placed low off the floor and do you, or don’tyou put furniture in front of them.
  3. Low ceilings that make a room feel cramped
  4. Lighting that is not sufficient for the uses of the room

Don’t let having challenges in your home make you crazy. With a little help from a designer these can go away, and you can fall back in love with your home, which is why you bought it in the first place.  

Writen by Donna Richter,  Designs by Donna